Monday, February 10, 2020

What the Holy Spirit showed me upon the death of Jan Boshoff (Isaiah 53)

What the Holy Spirit Showed Me Upon Jan Boshoff’s Death (Isaiah 53)
Who would want the life of Jesus Christ or one of His prophets?  Pretty much NO ONE unless they have seen the Kingdom of God.  I want to share with you something that the Holy Spirit spoke to me after our brother in the Lord, Brother Jan Boshoff passed away.  See, Jan Boshoff taught JESUS, not that it was his teachings, but he spoke the words of JESUS over and over and over again.  And to those who had an ear to hear they heard the truth and rejoiced.  But to the world, they considered him any other ordinary lunatic, any other person who has lost their mind, any person who is just a fanatic about something, that is radical but is unimportant.  
You would think that GOD in all of His might and power would send out a prophet with more “power”, or with more health, maybe with more money.  You wouldn’t expect such a “poor” ambassador.  In the eyes of the world the prophets of God had pretty much NOTHING and God didn’t treat them very well.  You would think that a mighty King would treat His men well, that He would bless the on this earth and make them prosper, like all the FALSE prophets.  But this brother, Brother Jan Boshoff served the LORD and the LORD did NOT heal him, but he ended up dying of CANCER.  To the world they would say; “Why would we ever follow his GOD? Why would we ever want that?” But what the Holy Spirit showed me is that Jesus was the same way.  I want to read to you what the prophet said in Isaiah chapter 53;
 “WHO has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?  For He grew up before HIM like a tender shoot, and like a root out of parched ground.  HE HAS NO STATELY FORM OR MAJESTY THAT WE SHOULD LOOK UPON HIM OR APPERANCE THAT WE SHOULD BE ATTRACTED TO HIM.  He was despised and forsaken of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (illnesses/ sufferings) and like of one whom men hid their face.  He was despised and we did not esteem Him.  Surely our griefs He Himself bore, and our sorrows He carried, yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, smitten of GOD and afflicted…” 
 If Jesus Himself was afflicted, hated by men, accused and His Father let Him go all the way to His death without saving Him, do we then suppose that the prophets of God, the holy men and women who follow in the footsteps of their Christ will be treated any better? In the eyes of the world we are a failure, we are the scum of the earth.  So why would anyone want to follow the Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Father that Brother Jan Boshoff followed?  The same God that Jesus Christ followed?  The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, why would anyone want to follow this God who lets His servants die, who lets their names be drug through the MUD and does not come to their help?  The reason why we follow this GOD, even though Jesus Christ had no beauty is because HE IS TRUE LOVE, He has shown us love, He loved us FIRST, and He showed us the WAY.  HE is everlasting life.  He is the LIFE, the WAY and the TRUTH.  And He is TRUE LOVE.  But if you haven’t seen Him it makes no sense.  The prophet (Isaiah) was not speaking of Jesus’s physical face, His physical appearance BUT HOW THE WORD WOULD VIEW HIM.  He has no beauty to His life, to the world He is trash.  WHY would you want to be like Him?  But if you have east to hear and spiritual eyes to see at all, you will KNOW that Jesus Christ is TRUE LOVE and all of the other “ambassadors” supposed “men of God”, supposed preaches, are all LIARS, hypocrites, they are all frauds, they do NOT bring everlasting life.  The only one who brings eternal life is Jesus Christ.  And the same Holy Spirit that resurrected JESUS CHRIST FROM THE DEAD will also resurrect His children from the dead, spiritually and physically on the last day. 
 Will we seek our reward, our eternal reward from Jesus Christ and will we be well pleased in HIM?  Or are we seeking after the rewards of the world?  Do we care about how people think of us?  Do we just want immediate gratification?  For people to think; “WOW, he’s rich and famous, God’s really blessed him…”?  Are we really looking for that?  Or are we really looing for the true love that our Father in heaven has to offer through His Son Jesus Christ?  Jesus is truly ALIVE! If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, SEE HIM and HEAR HIM and get to know your MAKER.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.