Monday, February 10, 2020

The moment you die

The Moment You Die
At the end of your life the ONLY thing that is going to matter is what YOU did with the words of JESUS.  Will your words condemn you or justify you?  It’s not going to be you and your mom, or you and your husband or wife, or you and your dad, or you and ANYONE ELSE.  NO ONE is going to come to your aid.  What is going to save you or condemn you WILL BE YOUR OWN WORDS.  What are you doing with the words of JESUS?  Are you living by them?  Are you speaking them?  Are you eating His flesh and drinking His blood?  Or are you living for OTHER things.  No amount of glory in this WORLD will mean ANYTHING the moment you die.  It doesn’t matter if you were the most famous person, the most rich person, or the most unknown person, the poorest person.  BOTH the rich and the poor the popular and the unpopular are ALL GOING TO DIE JUST THE SAME IN THE END.  The only thing that will matter is how you  lived according to the words of Jesus Christ. By your words you will be justified or by your words you will be condemned.  Check yourself against the words of Jesus.  Where do you find yourself today? Going to heaven?  Or going to HELL?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.