Monday, February 10, 2020

Predict now hindsight regrets and make adjustments

Predict NOW Hindsight Regrets and Make Adjustments
You’re never going to regret that you didn’t spend enough time in the workplace, at your job or for your career in college etc. When my wife and I were married and we didn’t have children yet, my wife and I were both working, my wife was a teller at the bank, and we weren’t making a whole lot of money, but enough money to easily sustain all of our needs, and once we started having children, we then had to make the choice if we were going to have a babysitter or if my wife was going to become a full-time mom. It was a hard decision at first for my wife because she felt torn between staying at work, what the work people needed her to do, and also our children. I remember we just talked and I said to her, “You’re never going to regret that you didn’t spend enough time at work…” When you’re 60, 70, or 80 years old you’re not going to wish, “Man, I just wish that I was at work more being a teller, away from my family…”, You’re never going to say that. You’re regrets are going to be, that you didn’t spend enough time with your children.
 I always like to think of myself at the moment that I die and stand before my maker.  When I am with Jesus and He is reflecting on my life with me, will He find that my life was pleasing to Him?  Will He be proud of me? Or will He find that I did and said many things that were unnecessary or against God? I like to reflect on my life from that perspective because one day I am going to be there, so are you.  Every single one of us are going to die, is just a matter of when, and WILL WE BE READY?
 We should start predicting now what are hindsight regrets will be and then make whatever changes we need to, to be right with God, we need to clean up our life NOW.  Don’t let something bad and then FORCE you to change, because by then it will be too late. You know the first thing people do when their children get cancer or when they have a terminal illness, the first thing they do is they quit their job, they downsize to a small apartment or something like that, and they just get back to the very necessities of life to survive, so that they can then spend time with their family, spend more time praying, getting to know the God they’ve always wanted to know. They get back to the IMPORTANT things, the things that have to do with love, mercy, justice, forgiveness.  They start going around and making sure they have mended everything they want to mend in their life.
 Will we have regrets when we die because we never took the time to look in hindsight?  We never cleaned up our life?  Or will we have no regrets, because we truly live the way that are Maker wanted us to live? That is the way that I want to live. I don’t want to live with regrets that I didn’t spend time with my children, that I didn’t teach them about Jesus Christ. I don’t want to regret that I spent all my money and time on things that are now totally unimportant. I want all my time and energy to have been spend on things that will be Eternal, because I spend my time and energy focusing on Jesus and doing HIS work. What about you? Are you ready to look in hindsight now before it’s too late and to make those corrections? Or will you be found on your deathbed having regrets? May the grace of Jesus be with you.