Monday, February 10, 2020

Christians; Does your faith have any substance?

CHRISTIANS Does Your Faith Have ANY Substance?
So, the question that I want to ask you today is DOES YOUR FAITH REALLY HAVE SUBSTANCE?  The apostle wrote that; NO other foundation can be laid other than that which is already laid, that is Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 3:11) I have been in a lot of Christian churches, not recently, but I grew up in church, and these churches claim to have substance.  They claim to have Jesus, they will even say that it is about JESUS CHRIST, a relationship with Him, NOT about religion.  But these same folks surround themselves with DEAD religion.  It becomes to them all about bible study, all about the knowledge of the bible, all about Christian fellowship, all about their church attendance, all about their tithe, all of these RELIGIOUS things.  They surround themselves with all of these things and it becomes this “Christian” illusion, and illusion that we are men and women of God.  For some it’s also about how they LOOK, if they drive a nice car, if they live in a nice house, if the have a nice-looking family, if they wear a tie… then they think that they are good upright people, BUT THEY ARE MISSING THEIR SUBSTANCE!  Is the substance of our faith JESUS CHRIST?  Are we really EATING HIS FLESH AND DRINKING HIS BLOOD?  I’m not talking about a ritualistic thing in the Catholic church.  Are we really eating Jesus’ flesh and drinking HIS blood?  In other words, is Jesus really in us?  Are we in Him?  Are we literally hearing from GOD when we pray?  Or are we JUST hearing from the pastor? Are we just getting into the bible like a theologian and hearing more sermons, hearing more bible studies, do we think that we are finding life in the bible?  The bible is NOT the substance to our faith, neither is church attendance or anything like that.  JESUS is the SUBSTANCE to our faith HE IS OUR FOUNDATION.  For most Christians if you were to strip away their Bible, they would have no substance to their faith, their faith revolves around other people’s opinion, you know other Christians in their church, their bible studies.  If you were to just strip away their friends and their bible, THEY WOULD HAVE NO FAITH LEFT, they’d just fall over, they would die.  Is our substance REALLY in JESUS?  Is He the reality of our faith because we are in Him, He is in us, we are eating His flesh and drinking His blood, we are having a real WORD from GOD daily?  Is He sustaining us?  Is He in our veins to our very core?  Is He the essence of our being?  Or are we just FAKE CHRISTIANS because we have surrounded ourselves with all of this STUFF that makes us LOOK good, that makes us LOOK like we are a Christian, but we have no substance?  Are we living an illusion?  Or do we really have that substance in Jesus Christ, are we hearing from Jesus DAILY?  Check yourself and see if you are really ALIVE spiritually, or if you are a dead Christian that appears to be alive because you got your bible, your Christian friends, your tie, your nice car, your church… or whatever it is you have… DO YOU REAY HAVE JESUS CHRIST? He is the substance, NOTHING ELSE.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.