Monday, February 10, 2020

Let your light shine for Jesus

Let Your Light SHINE for Jesus
Good morning, today is another day to praise Jesus and to speak about HIM.  HE is the reason why we live and move and breathe.  HE is the reason why we exist.  This life is about LOVE that we may demonstrate the love of our Father to others that all people may be reconciled with their Heavenly Father.  Jesus loves you, He loves me, and we need to display that love towards others, preaching the truth, not siding with error.  And in this day and age that we live we actually have a whole lot of opportunity, a whole l of freedom of speech to be able to share the truth with others.  The only think that will hold you back or stop you IS YOURSELF.  Will you be too shy?  Will you be ashamed of Jesus?  Or will you stand up for Him and take each opportunity captive, to speak for Jesus, to show others His love, to be a light?  Don’t hide your light under a basked or under a bed, but put it on the top of the house, put it on top of you that wherever you go people may your light and praise your Father in heaven.  We don’t live for our own works that people may just say; “He’s a good person, look at the good he does… he gives to the poor, he goes to church 3 times a week…”  We don’t live for dead religion or for people to think that we are just good people by what we do.  But we do need to let our light so shine before men that that they see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.  If we let our light sine for Jesus, we will be talking to others about Him.  We will be SALT and LIGHT, we will always be sharing the love of Jesus.  So, are you ashamed of the gospel, are you ashamed to stand up for the truth?  Or are you really letting your light shine for your Savior?  Are you telling others about the HOPE of SALVATION in JESUS ALONE?