Monday, February 10, 2020

The commandments of Jesus are His words not 613 laws of Torah

Video transcript part 1
The Commandments of Jesus are HIS WORDS Not 613 Laws of Torah 
I feel absolutely compelled to make this video because there are 2 extremes, and they are BOTH against the TRUE GOSPEL, the gospel of everlasting life that is in JESUS ALONE.  One extreme is the HYPER GRACE, and that says that you are saved by “grace alone”, by “faith alone”, and they totally exclude works of righteousness. I’m not talking about works of the LAW such as circumcision, but works of righteousness that come by the Holy Spirit.  Many misunderstand what this means, they twist the scriptures, they twist what the Apostle Paul was saying and these Christians to their own demise make a false gospel that becomes the “easy grace gospel” also known as the HYPER GRACE gospel.  It’s the idea that you are saved even though you are still in sin, you don’t really have to REPENT, you can continue to live for yourself and you are just under God’s grace as long as you believe in the cross.  This obviously is a false gospel, it is NOT what Jesus taught and it’s not what the Apostle Paul taught nor any of the early apostles or those who were really the disciples.
 On the other hand however, there is another extreme that preaches salvation or getting in right connection with God rather, through keeping ALL the commandments of the OLD testament.  These folks generally are 7th day Adventist, or they are Jews, or just really strict OLD testament and “LAW” abiding folks.  And one verse that they constantly lead people astray with is the verse actually that Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 5, and I want to read it to you because they really spin quite a deceptive lie, and I want to EXPLODE this lie so that if you are watching this you will NOT go down this rout and be deceived.  This is actually found in Matthew chapter 5 and it’s where Jesus is talking about the LAW. I’m going to just read it to you, I’m going to start in verse 17 of Matthew chapter 5 Jesus said; “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets.  I did not come to destroy BUT TO FULFILL.  For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.   Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of THESE commandments, and teachers men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”
So, what these Jews say, or Christians like 7 Day Adventists, or those who are trying to hold the OLD Testament, they say; “If you think you are following Jesus are you keeping His commandments?” and they then say; “What Jesus’s commandments are, are upholding the Law, which means the 613 laws of the Torah, which are the Old Testament, and when you look at verse 19 of Matthew chapter 5 Jesus says; “Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of THESE…”  So the big question arises, what did Jesus mean when He said; “THESE”?  Was He talking about the 613 LAWS?  Or was He talking about His words?  In short, the answer is HIS WORDS.  In some versions or in some Bibles it is the RED LETTERS  because the words of Jesus are in red letters, and in other Bibles you will not find those red letters, but still, Jesus commandments are the words that HE SPOKE.  Now, how can this be when Jesus was talking about the Law and the Prophets?  WELL, if you go on (We are not gong to have time in this video to read all of this)  but if you go on and you read Matthew chapter 5, the rest of it, you will start to notice that Jesus is NOT saying, if you just keep the Law like a layer or a Pharisee or a Scribe that you will be saved, He goes above and beyond.  For example He talks about an eye for and eye a tooth for a tooth, which we know is in the Law.  Obviously, the Pharisees were using this more for REVENGE, instead of just keeping the law of LOVE, they were saying;  “Well, if someone poked out your eye, then you aught to poke out their eye, it’s in the LAW..”  And so they weren’t abiding by any law of love or any mercy that GOD desired, but they would just take things out of their law out of context.   BUT, regardless of how we see this, the Pharisees were trying to live by the Law to JUSTIFY themselves, but Jesus was pushing it ABOVE the Law to actually the HEART of the Law, which wouldn’t just be keeping individual laws, but keeping the LAW OF LOVE.  For example, Jesus later goes into talking about King David and how he ate the showbread, even thought it was only supposed to be for that priest in the TEMPLE to eat, and he shouldn’t have eaten it, but because it was necessary, because his men were hungry it was okay.  Now, the people who are trying to keep the LAW, the 613 commandments, they will say;  “But brother, that doesn’t justify you to not keep the OTHER laws, for example murder, should you just go out and murder?”  Well, of course that is not what we are saying.  If you have the law of love in you, you are not going to be going out murdering, committing adultery, anything like that.  If you have the love of Jesus in you, ALL of the laws that apply to YOU as a CHRISTIAN you WILL be keeping, such as LOVING THE LORD YOUR GOD, not blaspheming His name, not having sex outside of marriage, not committing adultery, ALL of those laws still apply, but we are not keeping them because they are recorded in the Levitical Law (or Old Testament), but we are keeping them because the Law of TRUTH, of JUSTICE is recorded on our heart when the Holy Spirit puts it on our heart.
Now, you can read this for yourself to see what Jesus is really saying, but when He is speaking about “THESE” (laws/ rules to live by) He is not speaking about all 613 laws of the Law of Moses, or those Jewish Laws.  I know that the Jews will say things like; “Well, obviously not all the Jews (Laws) apply to Gentiles, or not every law applies to males or females, so not all 613 laws will apply to every person. 
But here is another thing to really consider, and I know a lot of people disregard the Apostle Paul these days, which is actually an antichrist agenda, but the Apostle Paul WAS REALLY following Jesus and had the heart to win souls into the Kingdom of God, and most people in his day were twisting his words, I mean Pharisees and his Jewish contemporaries.  People were twisting his words in his day, and people are still twisting his words today.  BUT, nevertheless the Apostle Paul WAS following Jesus, he was a man of God, of course many times he did share his own opinion and his own words, many things were cultural (issues Paul addressed specific to his time/culture) but nevertheless the Apostle Paul did want to see souls enter into the Kingdom of God, He had a revelation from Jesus Christ, he was a changed man, and he was a true Apostle that loved the Lord and called other people to follow the Lord. 
The Apostle Paul also had some really amazing words against false brethren, false leaders of the law, or Pharisees who were teaching the law rather, because even during their time there were a lot of these Jews who were trying to basically control new Christian converts.  They didn’t like not having power so they would try to manipulate and gather these Christians and the Jews to deceive them and put them back under the law, making them think that they had to be circumcised, keeping all these laws… WELL, number 1; Gentiles, (meaning people who are not Jews) ARE NOT JEWS.  So, pretty much all the Jewish laws do not apply to them. (Such as temple ordinances and other specifics) Of course adultery applies to everyone, murder applies to everyone, but all of the laws about what Jews should eat and all of those laws given by Moses, those do not apply to Gentiles… Such things as Circumcision… If you want to be circumcised, DO IT FOR HEALTH, but not because it is something you need to do to WORK YOU WAY INTO HEAVEN, that is just (THE DEFINITION OF DEAD WORKS) against the salvation through Jesus Christ.
But I want to read to you what the Apostle Paul said which is an extremely valid argument in this argument that people are making to say that “THESE”, when Jesus was saying “THESE”, was applying to 613 commandments of the Old Testament, Levitical Law, or the Law of Moses, or the 10