Monday, February 10, 2020

sATAN works hard to make Christians feel inferior

sATAN Works Hard to Make Christians Feel Inferior 
The devil tries really hard to make Christians feel inferior or that they are just silly for standing up for Jesus.  Don’t let ANYTHING put you off from praying, seeking Jesus, shining for Him being a light.  Don’t stop talking about Him because JESUS is our ONLY hope of everlasting life and salvation.  He is the ONLY Way and the ONLY Truth.  People that are unwilling to stand with Jesus, they have NO HOPE of everlasting life, Jesus is not going to stand for them when they die, and when they want to enter into the Kingdom of God He is going to say; “Away from Me you who SIN, you who despise MY name, you who work iniquity…”  There is NO HOPE of salvation OTHER THAN IN JESUS.  Don’t think other people are enlightened because they sin and seem to have no conscience.  Don’t think that they are enlightened by science or news stories that try to portray Jesus as false and something else is the truth, it is all a fraud… JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AND NOBODY COMES TO THE FATHER, NO ONE ENTERS ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT JESUS, WITHOUT THE WORD OF LIFE.  So, let no one put you off.  Stand firm in the truth of Jesus.  Don’t be ashamed to let your light shine.  Don’t be ashamed to REBUKE evil when it comes against you and continue to stand in the light of the Truth.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.