Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I won't baptize women without another male present

I won’t Baptize Women Without Another Male Present
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I will not baptize a woman without another man there.  If she is with her husband or her son or another brother in the Lord, that’s obviously a different story.  But we need to really protect ourselves and our families in this time.  So many relationships between the opposite sex, men and women started out looking innocent and then ended in sexual immorality.  Especially in this time we need to keep ourselves pure before God.  As men we should not be baptizing women without another brother there or a man.  We should not be mentoring women. (one on one)  We need to make sure that we keep ourselves totally holy and pure before God and not give the devil any way to deceive us.  So, if you are a women wanting to be baptized, whoever you are going to to be baptized, make sure that you bring your husband, your brother, your dad.  Make sure that you protect yourself, and if you are someone wanting to baptize others and you are a man, make sure that you go with your wife, or make sure that whoever you are baptizing if they are a woman is with her husband or with another brother, a physical brother or a brother in the Lord.  Make sure it is done in the Holy Spirit and not in the flesh.  We need to make sure that we are not just getting ourselves into trouble thinking that we are doing the Holy Spirit’s work.  This happens all the time in the church, the think they are doing the Lord’s work and it ends in sexual perversion.  Keep yourselves unstained from this.  Protect yourselves, protect your family.  The Holy Spirit will stay with you if you keep yourself sexually pure and away from any immorality.  But if you even start to slant at all towards having relationships with the opposite sex, when you are a married man, or falling into fornication when you are not married, then the Holy Spirit will leave you. Make sure that you are upright and pure and shining your light without any spot or any blemish in this time.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.