Thursday, April 9, 2020

The bread of life

The Bread of Life
Remember that Jesus said; “Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that precedes from the mouth of God.” We know that Jesus Himself is the bread of life that came down from heaven. We have a serious problem today, and that problem is PEOPLE DON’T KNOW JESUS, they think that nourishment comes from going through the doors of a church. So, when the pastors don’t have any real word, when the pastors are blind, they have nowhere to turn, they are lost. And the majority of Christians today, they are completely lost and spiritually blind, they don’t have ears to hear, they are not eating Jesus’s flesh and drinking his blood. They are not living on the Word of God.  Even though these Christians probably still are opening their Bibles daily or weekly and reading the scriptures, they have no Word from God. How is it that they have their supposed “Word of God” but have no WORD from God? That is because they don’t know Jesus Christ, they don’t hear from Him, they don’t have a relationship with Him. They are not eating His flesh and drinking His blood. Jesus is that bread that came out of Heaven, He is the real Manna.  If we get to know Jesus, we will KNOW Him, it won’t be, “what is it”, we won’t just be asking, “Where does this knowledge come from? What is this provision?”  We will know that our provisions has a name, He is Jesus Christ The Living Word of God, He is the bread that comes out of Heaven, the Manna, the “WHAT IS IT” is Jesus Christ, He is alive, He is the provision!  It doesn’t come from a pastor, it doesn’t come from some food bank, not the government… Jesus is the Living Word of God, He is the bread of life and if we are in a real relationship with Him, guess what?  We are always feasting on His flesh, drinking His blood, we are always getting revelation from Him.  He moves through us and He provides everything that we need. Even with the onset of this Coronavirus coming, I didn’t stockpile one thing this year. I have stockpiled in the past and it didn’t do me any help, it didn’t harm me… but this year I just wanted to trust Jesus, knowing that if something real big hit, I wouldn’t be able to supply my whole family and myself for an extended period of time, my provision would run out. So, knowing that I just, I didn’t get anything not even toilet paper, nothing. I just trust Jesus and up to this point, I have not been lacking anything, not toilet paper, nothing.  Jesus has supplied every single thing that I need. He will supply your needs, He will supply the needs of people in third world countries, no matter where they are, He will supply for them.  People say; “Well you live in California, so of course God supplies for you, but what about those people living where there is no provision? Well guess what? Even the nation of Israel, where those people were wandering in the wilderness when they had no water… God supplied for them, even when there was no clean water, it was supernatural. When we have real faith and believe in God, He makes everything happened. The impossible is possible with our God.  But for those that disbelieve and have no faith, they will see no miracles, there will be no provision for them. But where there is true faith, where people have trust in their God, He will supply all their needs no matter where they are. Trust Jesus Christ. He is the bread of life, not a pastor, not a church, not just going to your Bible over and over again for a supposed “word from God”.  JESUS is the one who is alive, He is the one who is moving. The dragnet is now pulling, the sheep and the goat are being separated, the wheat and the tare… Will you be on the side of Truth with Jesus and be provided for, will you receive His Holy Spirit baptism? Will you go with Him until the very end? Or will you be divided and then be a part of those people that He says; “Away from Me you who commit iniquity, you who sin, I do not know you.”? Jesus will say that to many Christians, many who knew the bible, many who were pastors. We know the scriptures. We know what Jesus said, but do we really know Jesus Christ? Is He in our heart, is He in our mind, is He on our lips? Are we living for Him with every breath?  Is our provision truly coming from our Lord? May the grace of Jesus be with you.