Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday and Churches are Shut Down- HERE’S the Significance

Good Friday and churches are Shut Down HERE’S the Significance
Praise Jesus today.  It is Good Friday, the day that the Christians celebrate that Jesus died on the cross, knowing that He’s going to resurrect on Sunday… Good Friday of course is the day Jesus died for the sins of the world, He made that New Covenant with us, that His blood may cover over our sins IF WE BELIEVE IN HIM, if we trust in HIM.  It’s actually a wonderful day for the children of God because God is judging the world.  In Revelation chapter 18 it says “Rejoice over her…” talking about the holy prophets, the men of GOD, because the LORD our GOD is avenging!  He is bringing His righteous judgment upon the world.  We have a God who is slow to anger quick to forgive, but He is JUST and He will destroy His enemy.  He will bring true justice, and that is exactly what is happening in the world.  Ironically, the false church, the Babylon church thinks that THEY are salt and light, and they think the only reason God is able to be preached in the culture is because THEM, they think that they are holding together this world.  But interestingly enough, ironically, this is Passover week, it’s Good Friday today… these churches are not able to meet, legally, in their churches.  If God really wanted them to be celebrating how they always were in the church, He would have made a way for that.  BUT the Lord God, OUR GOD, has SHUT DOWN the FALSE churches, and guess what?  Things have gotten a lot better since they have stopped being “salt and light”, well FALSE salt and light.  The church likes to think that no one is accountable without THEM, that THEY hold everything together, but LOOK, since these Christian churches have not been able to meet, everything in the world has gotten BETTER, there’s been less shootings, the air is so much better, I mean look around, the air is beautiful, there is less pollution in the world.  Now you could say it’s because the factories have closed and all of that would be true… but the point being, the Christian church of today is NOT salt and light, and them being put out of business, not being able to meet has been a wonderful thing!  It’s been an act of GOD.  More people than ever, instead of going to church are going to JESUS, they are asking GOOD questions. They’re not just running to their pastor, they are asking good questions, praying to GOD, pleading for Jesus Christ to forgive them and to help them. That’s a wonderful thing.  Praise JESUS who is ALIVE that He is giving people an opportunity to THINK, and to see what is going on in the world, that they are not just attached to their lying pastors.  It is a VERY good thing to GIVE UP THE FELLOWSHIP if your fellowship is perverted and you have a pervert as a pastor.  It is a wonderful thing to GET AWAY from, them to BE SEPARATE.  You know there’s been people asking me to make a message about the churches being shut down, saying, “Is it a lack of faith” you know, “Do they have a lack of faith that they are not meeting… Preach on a lack of faith…” IT’S AN ACT OF GOD that these churches are shut down and it is a BLESSING that they CAN’T GO because the Lord our God is making them THINK.  Jesus is ALIVE.  He is our Shepherd, not some pastor.  Jesus wants to be our Father, He wants to be our leader, our ONLY Teacher.  He doesn’t want us going to some church for “nourishment”.  And this is a time, this Passover time that all of us, basically the entire world is at home and able to really think about what is going on, what is important in life. WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?  Life is all about LOVE.  The love of GOD our FATHER IN HEAVEN.  And unless we find out what it really means to love God with ALL of our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as our self, we are absolutely NOTHING.  Without Jesus, without being connected to HIS truth we are NOTHING.  Many Christians are figuring out today that their life was amounting to absolutely nothing, all they had was dead religion.  All they were doing was running around in the marketplace, in the world, trying to make a buck, but in the end they are just going to DIE.  We need to wake up to the truth in this time, really start praising Jesus, knowing that He is our provision. He is the one true living God.  He is the one that died on the cross for our sins and resurrected, and we can celebrate this and honor the one true living GOD in a way that is SEPARATE FROM THE WORLD.  We need protection from the death angel.  Remember that very first Passover.  At the first Passover the Israelites were to say inside their home, they weren’t to be going out, but to put the blood on their house over the door, and when that death angel came, he would PASS OVER them because they had that BLOOD on their door.  That was symbolic of what Jesus Christ would do for us, cleansing us with His blood.  If you today have the blood of Jesus Christ covering your sins, if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and your Savior FOR REAL, not as the false Christians do, but you have REALLY fallen to your knees and asked the Lord to forgive you of your sins, THEN you will have protection.  But if you are a hypocrite, if you are playing church, if you have your church religion, the death angel will have no mercy on you and your family.  Death has no mercy.  Jesus Christ has mercy.  Turn to Him and be saved, but reject Him and you will have absolutely no hope.  You can’t trust in the government, you can’t trust in the “church”, you can’t trust in a pastor… Your faith needs to be in JESUS, you need to pray to Him, say; “Lord, help me.  Jesus who are you? I know most of my life I have rejected you, but I want to choose you now…”  TODAY is the day of salvation.  If you wait till tomorrow, if you wait until you’re dead, your not going to have the opportunity to repent. Once it’s up it’s up.  Once the final hour has come and gone there’s no more opportunities for anyone to repent.  IT’S DONE.  Will you choose today Jesus Christ and be SAVED or will you reject Him and die?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.