Saturday, April 18, 2020

Exposing the devil's tricks

Exposing the Devil’s Tricks
The devil has a lot of tricks to try to get people back into the world or just to deceive them and keep them in the world.  But a few of the tricks that he uses on me all the time is trying to make me think that I have fallen back into the world or that I’m starting to backside a little bit, and then if I have backslid I might as well go ALL the way back.  I had a dream last night that I went back to a rock show and I was watching this band and a lot of the people in the audience were normal people, I mean not people decked out in the normal apparel that you would think for people that would be going to a rock concert, it was normal people and their families and stuff and I was there and I turned to my family and I said something like, “This band is evil.”  I asked the band in my dream who they served, and they didn’t want to say, and I knew that they served satan, but even in my dream it was tempting, it was tempting (to be enticed by their music) because I knew their music.  The devil wanted me to think that I had backslid that I had fallen back into the sin of wanting to listen to rock music…  I had another dream to, in my dream I, well someone was wearing a jacket, or they had one of my old shirts that said the name of Jesus on it.  Something about following Jesus or whatever was on that shirt that I made some years ago.  And the devil wanted me to be ashamed, not to, well to pretend that I didn’t know who’s jacket that was.  These are little tricks that the devil does all the time to try to make us think that we are backsliding, that we are falling away from the Lord and then if we believe these tricks we will be completely deceived.  We’ll just fall back into the world, fall back into our old deception, we will need to get that eye salve all over again.  What we have to do is REBUKE satan, we have to continue to stay with Jesus, NEVER be ashamed of the gospel.  Some people are so ashamed you can tell they can’t even say the name of Jesus.  They don’t stand with Jesus.  But what does Jesus say?  If we are ashamed of Him, then He is going to be ashamed of us when His Father comes, He’s not going to stand for us in front of His angels or His Father in Heaven.  Will we continue to go with Jesus?  Will we go with Him and not backslide, not take a step back, not be ashamed?  Will we push forward and resist satan even with all the strong resistance that we get from him today, from people, from places, just from the air.  The devil is working, are WE also working?  Are we resisting the devil and are we working for Jesus Christ?  Who is  your master, JESUS or satan?  and who will you follow JESUS or satan?  You can’t hold hand with the devil and follow Jesus Christ, you will have to choose.  As for me, I choose Jesus Christ, I choose to resist satan, to not be ashamed of the gospel, to not fall back to old habits.  I choose to pick myself up if I stumble.  Jesus helps, He help lift us up, it’s not by our OWN power, that’s not what I’m saying… but we do have to go forward with the LORD.  Jesus truly has made the way for us, He has made the way for us with, just His blood on the cross, that is His name THE WAY, but if we don’t start walking forward and keep our eyes on Him then we are not going to go forward with Him.  Jesus hasn’t done everything for us to where we can just kick-back, relax and just know that we are safe and secure and going to heaven.  We have to diligently go forward with Jesus and NONE of us are exempt.  I am not exempt from the things that the Holy Spirit has given for me to say, has given for me to preach.  I’m not exempt for those things. Some people think that I think that I am better than others, that I think that I am “holier than thou”… it’s just not true.  The same God that I preach to others I preach to myself.  All of us need to go to Jesus, be reconciled before Him, ALL OF US can call to sin if we don’t keep our eyes on Jesus.  Not one of us are GOOD, but if we go to Jesus, if we REPENT OF OUR SINS, He cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness, and we have to do good in order to enter His Kingdom.  If you do evil in His sight, He’s going to REJECT YOU.  Don’t believe the fake EASY gospel that you can backslide, fall back to sin, you can deny Jesus a little bit, and then when you die, you’re going to enter the presences of God with rejoicing, WHAT A LIE!  How shameful it’s going to be when these Christians who have rejected God die?  They’re not going to enter His Kingdom.  There is no salvation and NO HOPE for AYONE who rejects God and lives unholy while claiming to be a Christian.  You can’t hold hands with the world with the devil and follow Jesus Christ.  Either hold onto Jesus and go with Him to the VERY END or try to find your security in the world with the devil, bad habits and deny Jesus, in the end you will have torment, HELL, eternal damnation.  The choice is yours.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.