Friday, April 10, 2020

Need to be baptized? Let's find some water!

Want to follow Jesus and be baptized in His name? Do you live in the California area? When quarantines lift and when Jesus makes the way, we'll figure something out. Email me if you feel so lead at

 Video transcript:
Need to be Baptized?  Let’s Find Some Water!
Praise Jesus today because it is the day of salvation for many people who are calling on the Lord!  If you want to be baptized in the name of Jesus, and you happen to be in the California, contact me;  I will baptize you in the name of JESUS if you would like. I don’t know when the quarantine will lift for my area or your area, but I know Jesus will make the way, and we’ll wait on the LORD.  It’s still kind of cold in my area, but probably come the next few months it will be warmer and we can find a river or a creek somewhere, we’ll figure it out, Jesus will make the way.   And if you are serous to commit your life to Jesus Christ, we can baptize you in the name of Jesus.  Be obedient to Jesus, be baptized, be diligent to pursue Him and He will make the way for you.  Praise GOD because He is alive and making a way for His children!  Jesus bless you guys.