Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Is the Living God your provider?

Is the LIVING GOD Truly YOUR Provider? 
Truly what a wonderful blessing it is to know Jesus and to have Him as our provider.  Our security is NOT in the economy, how much money we make, our social status… but our provision and our protection is ALL IN JESUS CHRIST.  I can praise the Lord today even though our economy is not doing well, because Jesus has continued to provide all of our needs.  Many people in this time will become depressed, they will lose all hope, they will start to realize that all of their provision, all of their hope was JUST in the government, it was in the economy, and when the provision runs out, they won’t know where to turn, they won’t now what to do.  But if you have Jesus, anything can happen in this world, and it doesn’t matter because you are NOT part of the world, you are part of the Kingdom of God that belongs to Jesus Christ.  What a blessing it is to know Jesus, to be walking with Him and to be eating His flesh and drinking His blood and living on every single word that He speaks to us.  I just feel so blessed and thankful today because Jesu provides my needs, every singe thing that I need He gives me even before I ask or need it.  Give GOD glory because He truly is alive and He is taking care of His own! Are YOU one of His?  Or do you belong to the world?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.