Saturday, April 18, 2020

Rock music and rap are not for any of Jesus's children

Rock Music & Rap Etc NOT for ANY of Jesus’s Children
Rap music and rock music and these sorts of genre’s are inspired by psychedelic drugs, the hatred of God, lying, murder, satanic worship… you CANNOT be a CHRISTIAN and listen to rock music, rap music ANY of this kind of music that plays on the radio or that young people are listening to, IT IS SATANIC.  Jesus did NOT call us to listen to rap or rock music, He didn’t call us to be like the culture… You can’t be a musician that makes this kind of music or LISTEN to this sort of music and follow JESUS CHRIST.  I know many people are staying at home, (due to the Coronavirus etc.)  they are just listening to music, they are watching TV, they are perverting their life.  Keep yourself separate or God will reject you.  This world that goes on rejecting God soon is going to find that God has rejected THEM.  The only thing left for those that go on sinning is TORMENT.  Repent of your sins TODAY, STOP LISTENING TO UNGODLY MUSIC, stop playing video games, stop living for entertainment, stop entertaining WORLDLY friends.  Detox the world, become separate, touch NOTHING that is unclean and Jesus Christ will accept you, but receive the things of the world, hold hands with satan and God will reject you.